Attached Storage (NAS)? (2)

Network Area StorageThe BBC reports that Holcomb’s original research uncovered 30 separate undocumented vulnerabilities in the NAS devices”. The key distinction between direct-attached storage (DAS) and NAS is that DAS is basically an extension to an existing server and is not necessarily networked. NAS (Network Attached Storage) supplies a way to link a storage device to a regional location network such as a residence / office Wi-Fi connection. With businesses of all sizes becoming additional reliant on technologies, each in the way they operate and in how they store information and facts, most are now realising the advantage of investing in Network Attached Storage (NAS).

A massive plus point in favour of Network Attached Storage is that it is attainable to set up remote access. To make confident I have trusted backups for the most vital files such as my documents and images, I use a Synology Network Attached storage with difficult drives mirroring all files to each difficult drives all the time. If you have five two TB drives, your total array size is eight TB, and you will have 7.45 TB of usable storage. The storage capacity can be improved as the small business and demand grows with multiple drives and enclosures added when needed. WD provides a suite of prepared-to-go network attached storage (NAS) solutions with a full suite of My Cloud devices that address the growing demands for content storage, management, protection, and streaming. The tiny EDS14 foregoes the typical drive bays for flash memory and USB-mounted external storage.

I have been working with Synology DiskStation two-Bay Network Attached Storage for years ( most recent model is DS215j ), but if you believe your media library will develop drastically in the future, I would recommend you get started off with a 4-bay model such as Synology DS414j so you can grow into it even if you only start out off with two drives.

If you never have a wireless network but want a single, look at Apple’s Time Capsule ( ), which combines the speedy 802.11n Wi-Fi base station capabilities of an AirPort Intense with the mass storage capabilities of an external hard drive.

The advantage is that the drive would come to be accessible to other computers on the network, turning it into a NAS, or Network Attached Storage. All Macs and PCs on your AirPort network will see the connected drive as an AirPort Disk, for which you can use AirPort software program to set up account access, password protection, and read/create file permissions.

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