Advanced Network Configuration

Home Network ConfigurationIf you have followed my actions in my static IP configuration article, then you must already know this and can skip to the meat of the report under. If you wanted to modify something related to the network settings on your system, you just make the relevant modifications in the acceptable files (just make confident you make all of the vital modifications in all of the files so the networking configuration is constant).

If the location IP address of a packet is not on the identical network segment as the system that sent the packet, the router appears at a diverse table (routing table) to see which other interface it wants to send the packet out of to reach the destination network.

If you have a subnet mask of 255.255.. it suggests that the initially two numbers (octets) in an IP address are the network part (prefix) of the address and the last two numbers (octets) are used to identify the individual computers on that network.

If you have an existing Debian method without the need of a NIC and you’d like to add 1 to place your technique on a network, you will have to add the NIC’s driver module to the program configuration and then use the nano text editor to take care of the required network files.

Routers can have a number of interfaces of varying kinds (serial, ten/one hundred-Base-T, Token Ring) so it is a Layer 1 device (different connector varieties), has to appropriately re-frame a packet for every of those network types and apply the appropriate Layer two address (so it is also a Layer two device) and it appears at the IP addess to see which interface the packet demands to go out of (so it is also a Layer 3 device).

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