Understand the Types of Projectors

The projector is an optical tool used to project an image in a larger size place. With this tool, of course, will facilitate us to do like learning, work, or entertainment facilities. Usually in the learning activities and the work is used to make presentations, whereas in the activities of entertainment facilities that are used for watching together, or watching movies, etc. Then how to use the projector? How to use it very easy really, that is by connecting laptop or computer to projector only. From the above definition it is clear that the function of the projector is to enlarge the image, so that the images contained on the laptop or computer that can be seen clearly and bigger that certainly. For more info just visit Projector Mount Extension Pole.

Initially this tool was found almost the same as the discovery of the camera, the first time the projector appeared in the market with the type of OHP which is used as a presentation medium that can display images in larger size, this projector developed into LCD projector, which where this type of projector can afford to Connected with electronic devices. And from LCD Projector is developed into several types, including:

Electronic Projectors, such as digital projectors, LCD projectors, CRT projectors, and DLP projectors.

  1. Digital Projector, which is a modern technology used to convert image data directly from computer to screen through lens. This projector uses standard SVGA resolution i. E. 800,600 pixels in expensive devices, while the cost of a digital projector is determined by its resolution and also its brightness.
  2. LCD Projector or Liquid Crystal Display stands, which is one of the most common projector types we encounter in everyday life, this projector produces light from 3 small LCD panels, these panels are separated by their basic color tone. The image color released by the projector is the result of refraction of the LCD panel that has been united by a special prism. The image produced by the projector.

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