Three Simple Methods for an Easier Time Traveling with Your Toddler

Traveling with a toddler can be almost as difficult as settling a rambunctious kiddo down for a midday nap, but a bit worse. Why? Because kiddos get bored and that boredom can come with whiny, destructive, or just plain mean behavior.

Three Simple Methods for an Easier Time Traveling with Your Toddler

This article gives you a few simple methods for traveling with a toddler because you need peace of mind as much as they need an outlet for their energy.

Bring a Mixture of Electronics, like an iPad, and Classic Toys, like a Puzzle

Children get bored easily, but it’s also not good for them to stare at a screen for hours on end. Ergo, you should bring along a mixture of entertaining things to keep your toddler satisfied for as long as you need them to be. Why? Because while boredom is a great way for children to develop imaginations, it’s not the best thing for a long trip.

Tip: Some crayons, markers, and an elaborate coloring book is an excellent source of fun for traveling tots.

Flying? Invest in an Extra Seat Between Yourself and Your Toddler to Give Them Room to Move Around or Nap

First off, take the aisle seat so you don’t have to bolt to catch your kid if they decide to make a run for it in mid-flight. There are usually 3 seats to a row on an airplane. For your peace of mind, invest in all of them, with two being for your toddler. The extra space gives your kiddo free reign to stretch out and get comfortable, which means fewer tantrums.

Driving? Prep the Car with Lots of Delicious Snacks, a Cooler of Beverages, and Music or Audio Books

Music is a road trip go-to, but make sure your playlist is kid-friendly. You should also bring along a cooler with their beverage and snack favorites. Make it accessible to them from their seat but set boundaries so they aren’t demolishing food and drink before the road trip ever begins.

Tip: Children’s audio books are entertaining and could keep your kiddo intrigued for hours at a time. You can usually find a few at your local library. Better yet, you could use digital dictation equipment to record yourself reading a children’s book for the car ride.


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