Storage Area Network Overview

Storage Area NetworkWealthy Castagna – the VP of Editorial, Storage – shares his candid, specialist, and typically pretty funny view on today’s storage market place. The only difference among regular fiber optic pc networks such as the Online and a fiber optic storage area network such as a SAN is how the devices talk to each other more than the network. This instance was created in ConceptDraw PRO working with the Laptop or computer and Networks Area of ConceptDraw Answer Park.

If we require to gain access to a file, or even alter a portion of the file, the complete file has to be transferred down so we can modify the contents and then put the complete file back on the storage device. That makes it additional feasible for organizations to maintain their backup information in remote locations. Whenever you’re configuring jumbo frame help, all of your network devices in between these two points have to also help these jumbo frames.

Even though each NAS and SAN offer remote access to storage devices via a network, the similarity ends there. All the storage that the mainframe requirements was straight connected to it. All the things was situated and managed as a single, huge entity. The ability to spread every little thing out over extended distances makes a SAN very beneficial to massive providers with quite a few offices.

It controls the complete network and delivers a centralized storage region for information and software program. In the case of a SAN nevertheless, it is feasible to get Windows to treat a SAN volume as regional storage (as opposed to a network drive), even if the physical storage device is positioned remotely. In a SAN, all the disk drives are stored in a dedicated storage device — a disk array. It does not demand specific cabling and equipments like the case of a fiber channel network.

This architecture really isn’t substantially unique than it would be if the file server had been working with direct attached storage. The storage guys are partnering with the network and server guys to generate the data center building blocks of the future. The network is used to move information amongst the numerous storage devices, makes it possible for sharing information between diverse network servers, and provides a fast connection medium for data backup and restoration and information archiving and retrieval. SCSI technologies utilizes parallel cabling which severely limits speed, distance and the number of attached storage devices.

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