Direct Attached Storage

Direct Attached StorageIn addition to converting older direct attached storage in New York and Washington to newer ATA-based ATABoy2 disk options and upping capacities on all of the storage infrastructures in place, the firm plans to strategy phase three by rolling out identical ATABoy2-based storage deployments in their Dayton and Columbus offices. Focused intently on storage with no distractions of tape backup or bundled servers, AC&NC suppliers in-property and delivers full solutions in 24-48 hours from in-stock JetStor RAID, iSCSI , FC , NAS / Unified , All Flash and JBOD SAS systems that set the bar for performance.

Dataquest has predicted that the commanding DAS 95% storage industry share of these days will be eclipsed by NAS over the next five years, and IDC projects that specifically designed NAS products will grow fivefold, from $1 billion in 1998 to $five billion by 2002.

EMC Celerra delivers a degree of parallelism by clustering network adapters (recognized as Data Movers) in a separate cabinet in front of the Symmetrix storage subsystem and by removing information management functions to separate processors, recognized as Control Stations.

While the long-term SAN vision is for inter-operability among heterogeneous servers and storage products, it is advisable to implement early SAN applications in a homogeneous environment with a single of the out there proprietary options from EMC, HDS or Compaq.

Not wanting to help NAS, exactly where it would be a lot easier for competitors to make inroads due to the clear NFS/CIFS standards, common goal server vendors and basic goal storage vendors have developed their own proprietary visions of network storage.

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