Computer Knowledge For Banking Jobs

Today is the computer age and it is found that most industries that employ skilled professionals to carry out jobs effectively and efficiently use computers; this is found even in the booming industry of banking. The banking industry that provides a lot of services like financial assistance to people, corporate banking, investment and savings find it much easier to computerize their services. Internet banking has turned into a boom for the busy people that can easily transfer and receive money and also get the exact updated information of the amount of money in their accounts.

With the use of computers dominating the industrial world, it is but natural for banks also to insist that their employees have a basic knowledge of computers; this makes for those joining banks to easily grasp the jobs that are to be performed on the computers. It is also to be understood that knowledge of computers makes it easy for one to be trained to take up clerical and probationary officers posts. It would be still better if one could do a computer course for 6 months to master the basic skills from a reputed institute; most banks have already started setting up this eligibility criteria, so as to emphasize this point.

There could be some that still asked the question whether it is very essential to have computer knowledge to join banks; the answer is that it is absolutely necessary as most banks are computerized in their banking and have adopted core banking. Most public and private banks are finding the use of computers to be very necessary to network between branches and to provide effective and faster service. So with most banks moving towards core-banking it is turning absolutely necessary; applying for bank jobs requires one to have a knowledge of MS Office, DOS, internet and e-mail, for that matter most operations are computer oriented.

How very true it is that a clerk in a bank has to know about computers; this is mandatory in most cases and is found to be a point of advantage for others. Again a bank probationary officer needs to know all about window operating system; a sound knowledge of MS Access, MS Word and MS Excel is very essential, a certificate may also be insisted upon in many cases. This proves essential for retrieve records, files, and documents maintained on the computer by different banks and branches in India.

It is true that with internet banking and ATM catching up as the mode of banking everywhere, it has turned compulsory for employees in banks to have a good computer knowledge even for simple data entry and maintenance of records. This is the reason that most banks test the computer knowledge of job aspirants through a written test that tests basic computer knowledge. So you would find most advertisements and notifications for bank jobs asking for knowledge of computer skills.

Aspiring to write the IBPS Exam for PO’s requires one to know about the origin and different versions of Window operating systems and what GUI stands for, in addition to knowing all about MS Excel, its purpose and program used to save file and xls extensions. That goes to all about computer knowledge for bank jobs.

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