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Predicting the Top 6 Technological Developments for 2017

You will be amazed at the technological advances that we have in the world right now. Well, that thought is inaccurate since the advances that are yet to come in a few months time will startle you. Let us take a quick look at what to expect on the technology front in the near future.

The interconnected home that features electronic devices having a link to each other has, for years, been in the pipeline but no meaningful results are present. The reason for its delay is the fierce competition amongst the parties that are likely to make it a reality. However, the past few years have seen collaboration between major corporations, meaning that users can expect significant advancements in the future.

Food is now becoming a serious problem as its shortage is now imminent, given the rate at which population numbers are soaring. A solution has been found in synthetic food, which is now present in a powder that contains every nutrient required by the human body.

Millions of people are set to benefit significantly because artificial intelligence use will increase in sectors like medicine, sports, education, and entertainment. Though artificial intelligence hardware costs are the greatest barriers to the widespread use of the technology, they are set to come down soon and make it easy for many people to use them. The success that augmented reality has witnessed in gaming is promising since many other sectors are set to use the technology in the near future.

Today, artificial intelligence has made certain positions in organizations redundant. In the insurance industry, for instance, the technology can compute payouts to policyholders, making it unnecessary to hire staff for the same tasks. Costs such as salaries, benefits, training, office space, and equipment are now avoidable. The cognitive technology in use makes it think like humans. It can even analyze and interpret information in the form of video, unstructured text, audio, and others.

Everything on-demand is the new craze, and it is set to make smartphones very useful devices. Now, it is possible to order for anything you desire via your handheld device, and this includes cabs, flights, pizzas, accommodation, and more.

With 3D printing hardware costs being expected to come down, the use of the technology is now going to increase significantly. It is not surprising that these devices will become common in many homes in a few months to come. With such an outcome, it will be unnecessary to buy stuff since you can just print them.

Overall; the 6 are just some of the techs that are expected to make news in the few coming months. It would be unwise to make predictions for a year because of the possible surprises that can come earlier than that.

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