Home Server HardwareBack in 2003/four when I jumped into the development line, I felt servers only belonged to the information centre, and did not think in the pricing of servers for residence use customer computing power was currently quite strong (back then), and similarly-speced PCs could be had for a fraction of the cost. When you’ve accomplished that, you are free to login to the FreeNAS web interface, which is where all of my typical configuration is done. We acquire a lot of e-mail requests seeking recommendations on which hardware is supported and most effective suited for projects like this. Now if I will need to extend that key array I will need to purchase a new RAID controller and attempt to rebuild the array on it, or replace the current drives with larger ones and rebuild. My 3rd box (AMD 3200 w/4 gig) is my play box and is at present operating Windows Server 2008. For my household server, I am only operating Linux VMs mainly because I wanted to discover far more about Linux. Almost every aspect of SQL Server needs some familiarity with T-SQL code and the logic behind structuring a query and acquiring it to execute.

If you have the patience to get previous the initial quirks, Amahi is a wonderful newbie-friendly household server software program with good web-primarily based administration interface. That being stated, I recognize that this is mostly wishful considering (Linux filer permissions will still be Linux File permissions) but I figured I’d share the concept.

I have my key server (AMD 3800 X2 w/4 gig) that I use for the family’s file server and an IIS internet server. Furthermore, there are 6 SATA drive ports, allowing both solid state drives (SSDs) and larger capacity hard drives for lots of configuration possibilities. I didn’t find … Read More