Home Server HardwareA place to talk about Windows Server platforms which includes Windows Server and Hyper-V Virtualization related topics. UPDATE: Currently, my server runs CentOS 7 Linux , which is an very server-friendly OS. Steady, and nearly identical to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, minus the price tag tag and the help. I have also attempted operating a web server on a Pi, just to see what would occur, and I discovered it was okay at serving static pages but slow for anything that necessary PHP/SQL.

As an aside, I also grabbed the same benchmarks for the DIY NAS: 2016 Edition ahead of I added the ZIL and L2ARC mainly because I was curious what type of performance bump I might see from it. Suffice it to say I did not see a functionality enhance when using the ZIL and L2ARC when operating the very same tests on this NAS.

It was a wonderful session that highlighted the significance of monitoring SQL Server so that you know what is going on so you can speedily respond to sudden difficulties and anticipate performance slowdowns ahead of they become essential. On a desktop, when any hardware fails you need to have to shut the program down in order to repair it. This is not an acceptable condition for a server due to the fact anytime the server is down your workers are unable to function. Far more virtual chapter information can be discovered right here: And finally, there is a one particular day SQL Server mini-conference (appropriately named SQL Saturday) coming to Rochester on Saturday, May perhaps 16th. I’ve decided to go with two 1TB WD Red two.5 HDD SATA drives arranged in RAID 1 array.

PCs networked in a peer-to-peer fashion are sufficient when you only have a handful of users on the network, … Read More

Portable Wifi RouterWe have turn out to be accustomed to obtaining world-wide-web in the palm of our hand 24 hours a day, anytime we require it so when we travel and the excessive costs of information roaming come into play we become frustrated. Specially developed for portability and to offer a quickly and safe private network from any Ethernet or WiFi connection, the NETGEAR Trek N300 Travel Router is excellent for on the go travelers who no longer want to spend various access fees for every device that you need to have to connect to the web.

The router will make a WiFi network will split an existing connection so many devices can use it. The repeater will connect to an existing wireless network and amplify and extend the coverage of it. The access point will produce a WiFi network out of an Ethernet source.

The nano-sized TP-Link TL-WR802N Wireless N300 Travel Router supplies ultimate portability in a compact style to effortlessly make a safe WiFi access point for your close friends and household to use though you’re on holiday or on the go.

I am notorious for not taking care of my stuff: my iPhone is kept in the similar pocket as my car or truck keys and is coverless, my iPad is thrown in my schoolbag with my charger and bottles of drinks, and my macbook, getting my pride and joy, has taken extra knocks than Rihanna.

Using the newest in dual band technologies and offering blazing speedy speeds up to 300 Mbps + 450 Mbps, the Belkin Travel Dual Band Wireless N Router is a great choice for these who need a reputable, fast, and safe network that’s optimized for streaming and on-line gaming on the go.… Read More

Home Server HardwareEvery person reaches a point in their life when they have to start off taking responsibility for themselves. Ubuntu Server is at the top of ideal residence server computer software list because, definitely, I am biased towards it. Seriously although, for these who know what they are undertaking and are comfy with Linux, Ubuntu Server is like a blank slate exactly where 1 can develop their personal customized image.

Don’t get me wrong, i did had a internet server at dwelling, just to find out how to set 1 up, it was fun and rewarding but i could never ever provide a expert server just for the reason that it have to have 24/7 focus to prevent downtimes.

The residence server is nothing new – you may be running 1 currently, and it’s one thing we’ve been recommending for years – but it’s time we started taking the idea seriously, and aspect of that is being aware of how to create and configure a single.

There are smaller (reasonably) operations like that generally save you the legwork of sourcing compatible elements when constructing a server from scratch. I purchased a Gigabyte Brix Ultra Compact Computer to act as a server because of it is size, simplicity, and cost. The higher the quantity of HDDs you can squeeze into your spending budget, the more configuration options you’re going to have. Update (two/22/16): Congratulations to Dusten Snodgrass of Google+ for winning the DIY NAS: 2016 Edition #FreeNASGiveaway! To benchmark the DIY NAS: 2016 Edition I utilised IOMeter and a somewhat scientific (me with a stopwatch) measurement of some file copies across from my laptop to the NAS. When you do care about the safety of your files, you should really get familiar with a RAID 1 or RAID 5 method. The server … Read More