SAN (Storage Area Network)

Storage Area NetworkLessen info technologies (IT) complexity, decrease costs and eliminate inefficiencies by subscribing to storage area network (SAN) service from Expedient. NAS goods, such as Network Appliance Filers and Auspex servers are storage devices fronted by a thin server client that is straight attached to the messaging or public network. By managing all the file systems as a single unit, storage resources are not only theoretically easier to manage but information is far more readily available to any host on the network. But when a firm starts to have a multitude of servers and hundreds of customers, the network can start to bog down.

A metropolitan location network (MAN) is a network of fiber optic cables that is intended to serve individuals, firms and organizations in a city or a larger geographical region. If an application required additional storage capacity, a disk array was added to the server via a higher-speed interconnect, generally SCSI. A network architecture in which all computer systems on the network have equal status and no one particular has control over other individuals in called peer-to-peer model. When a host desires to access a storage device on the SAN, it sends out a block -based access request for the storage device.

Preserve in thoughts that I am not saying that SAN storage is normally treated as regional storage or that it can not be utilized for anything else. This IBM® Redbooks® publication delivers an introduction to SAN and Ethernet networking, and how these networks enable to achieve a smarter data center. The primary advantage to working with a SAN is that raw storage is treated as a pool of resources that can be centrally managed and allocated on an as-required basis. This indicates that in a SAN environment, it is attainable to treat a remote storage device as if it were a local storage resource.

In addition, standard server/storage connections make the server the exclusive owner of its attached storage. A NAS device is simply a stripped-down server, typically called an appliance, which sits on a network and has its personal network file program. Standard means for connecting servers and storage can no longer satisfy today’s specifications for quickly access to massive amounts of information.

Also, a lot of SANs utilize Fibre Channel technologies or other networking protocols that allow the networks to span longer distances geographically. The NAS device will have an IP address, and then will be accessible more than the network by way of that IP address. Each layer of the stack gives distinctive functionality, and each and every device in the network utilizes all the parts of the stack to communicate with a single a further.

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