Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Network Access StorageA network architecture in which several consumers request and receive solutions from a server is called client-server model. Now, extra than ever, access to systems and data is the life blood of organization, and companies need to preserve their systems offered – becoming in a position to operate company as usual and recover immediately when disasters of any form happen is crucial.

With big capacities, advanced data protection technologies and home entertainment characteristics like DLNA media streaming and PS3 media server functionality, LinkStation network attached storage devices are the protected, reputable and expense-successful shared storage solution.

In the house, NASes are generally utilised for storing and serving multimedia files and for automated backups Numerous sensible residences rely on NAS to provide centralized storage for smart TVs , security systems and other Net of Things (IoT) elements in the dwelling.

Even so, each NAS device is various, so make a decision on what you will need it for and then browse the wide selection readily available on Cautiously study the item descriptions and technical specifications to assure the NAS will meet your specifications.

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