Lessons Learned from Years with Security

Cyber Crime and its Solutions Government institutions, private organizations and schools mostly depend on computer systems to store their data. These organizations have put in place security measures to prevent their data from been hacked. Cyber-crime has resulted in companies losing millions of shillings through fraud, stealing information and denying access to the system. It is advisable for any organization to hire a cyber-security consultant. This professionals are well trained on the various kind of threats and how to prevent yourself from them. For any organization that uses computer systems, cyber security training is vital Four areas are focused in this study. Information risk management, cyber law, digital forensic and white collar crimes is what is focused on mainly. This study tries in explaining how hackers, hack into banks and getting information from credit card. Using computer codes and special software are some of the ways one deal with threats and hacking.
The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Certifications
There is a new threat called ransom ware. E commerce portals and online selling points are the most affected by this threat. With this threat, the hackers bribe the business owner for the information they have about their customers. If the owner does not pay, the hacker can use the information for their own need.
A Quick Rundown of Security
To deal with the many types of threats an organization should do a cyber-security assessment system.A cyber-security assessment system is recommended for the various types of threats. This system assist in been able to predict the most likely threats that can affect your computer system. It offers solutions that prevent the occurrence of the threats. Setting up alarms in the system is one of the measures you can undertake. Seeking the services of a qualified information security manager is vital. IT firms can also provide you with one at a cost. Choose an IT firm which is recommendable and they have staff who are well trained. The profession you choose should be CISSP certified. This is an advanced test that a profession undertakes to test their security system ability. To get this certification you require to have the relevant number of experience and be a member of the CISSP body. Relevant number of years and endorsement by the CISSP body is a requirement. It involves doing a six hours examination. With this certification your become more competitive. In this course it focuses mainly on security in federal departments. It is used worldwide and one can apply for jobs in any government institutions. It is important for IT professionals to be a notch higher since cyber- crime rate has become high. Using the ISO27001/2 gap analysis, business can measure between the existing management systems in place and the current security standards. Businesses use this assessment to know if they require to make any changes so that they comply with the data protection act principal. This act set obligation for controllers of data.

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