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What is Augmented Reality Technological advancement sometimes changes the way we do business, but with augmented reality, instead of changing these ways, it gives entrepreneurs a new way to thoroughly enhance, and not to remove or undermine out old patterns of doing business. Hosting meetings or showcasing products are basically fundamental tasks’ that has been brilliantly augmented from time to time – because of the increasing need to adapt to its current business environment. And each time something new comes along, the business experiences changes like a face lifting of some sort. Think of it this way, from farm gate transaction to our brick to mortar economic undertaking, there has been a lot of beefing up when it comes to accommodate business dealings and flaunting our wares to potential clients. Nothing has changed when it comes to these fundamental task, except that the way we do it has tremendously changed. Transactions and product promotions will entail a substantial cost and a restricted reach if not for technological innovations that have come out to help businessmen to organize or sell their products from a great distance. It is now an equal reality to make face to face transactions and product promotions even from a remote location, thanks to technological achievements.
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The basic difference between augmented reality and virtual reality is that in augmented reality, graphical enhancements are brought to a real, physical environment, while in virtual reality, it creates an entirely new environment. So, for example, you want a potential customer to see how a furniture would look in her room, you simply face your tablet towards the room and place the virtual furniture in the place where they want it to be, and the customer can see how it will look like. Just like bringing a real furniture and putting it in the spot and checking out what it would look like. No need to image how it will look in that place, what the right color match it would require and etc.
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Augmented reality can completely change the way geographically dispersed employees connect. Sometimes team meetings can make remote workers be detached from the group and they can easily be distracted. With AR, however, it is as if everybody is actually present in the room. It will be a more engaging meeting especially for the remote workers and those who are physically present are more likely to include them in the discussion. There can be myriads of other applications to blend your digital information within a real-world environment.

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