Attached Storage Dead?

Direct Attached StorageDirect Attached Storage (DAS) is committed, entry-level data storage that is designed to give you excellent flexibility and uncomplicated scalability when you require an efficient, totally redundant data storage option in order to run effectively. The crucial difference between DAS and NAS (network-attached storage) is that DAS storage is only directly accessible from the host to which the DAS is attached. The primary downside to straight attached storage is that it’s a devoted resource for (commonly) a single personal computer, and it can’t be managed more than a network. At this point, you might decide on to designate your award-winning 6TB Super Desktop as the temporary storage medium for all your information migration projects in the future. Direct Attached Storage is a great starting point for private cloud, database clusters, rich media servers and mass storage requirements. Chapter six brings the pieces with each other in a conclusion developed to assistance CIOs and network administrators recognize the greatest total solution for their particular enterprise storage demands.

You could, in theory, set up computer software on it just like a standard personal computer, despite the fact that it may not have the hardware inputs you require (like a mouse, keyboard, and graphics connection for your monitor). Mentioned one more way, a network attached storage (NAS) device is just a personal computer that shares files over the network. It wasn’t the ideal selection, simply because we were in fact trying to resolve our storage capacity problem.

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